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Dyno® Tuning Versus Smart Tune

Dyno® Tuning Versus Smart Tune

Full Dyno® Tune With Custom Made Map

Wilkins H-D® has three (3) Trained Dyno® Tuners on staff.

Having been trained by Harley-Davidson®, Dynojet, Mike Daniels Performance, Docs TTS Tuning, and Rob's Dyno®, we have a great deal of experience in this field. Our Dyno® is operational every day and is available for the public to participate in watching the process and the build. You should be able to stand there and ask the technicians questions. Very rarely are two builds the same. Lastly, be cautious if you have a Harley-Davidson® and the shop focuses on only the TTS Mastertune. While we tune both, there are distinct advantages to both, and you should weigh your options (see below for discussion on TTS Mastertune versus Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner. Keep in mind that shops make more money with the TTS Mastertune and sometimes that influences their recommendation.

Enclosed Room with Exhaust System
We also have our Dyno® housed in a specially designed room that assists us in controlling the environment.  Dyno®s housed in the middle of the garage are old school and never produce the results you are paying good money for. Why?  Because the gases the Harley is emitting are sitting around you, the motorcycle and the sensors that feed your dyno.  The gases throw the dyno's sensors off.  

When tuning a Harley-Davidson® using a dynamometer machine, you can simulate running conditions you would have riding on the road. But, it is a much more controlled environment. It is a much safer and more efficient way to tune a motorcycle. By dyno tuning a motorcycle using a dynamometer, the technician can ride the motorcycle while simultaneously reading the output on a computer screen, allowing him to see how the motorcycle is operating. He can then see where adjustments need to be made or see any possible concern areas. Using the Dynamometer machine also allows a technician to tune the motorcycle in all throttle positions, RPM's, and gear ranges giving the technician the ability to make adjustments on the fly. Lastly, the Dyno® must be in a controlled room. It cannot be out in the open in a garage like many aftermarket shops. It does make a difference to the air fuel ratio when the samples you are pulling are from an entire garage.

The end result is a smoother running, more fuel efficient, higher horsepower machine.

Smart Tuned on a Dyno

Smart tuning is a great affordable way to tune a motorcyle that has mild performance upgrades such as a stage one air cleaner and slip-on mufflers only. Any other upgrades like cams or head work require a full-tune. CVO® and V-Rod® models cannot be smart-tuned.

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