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The New Highway King is HERE!

Harley-Davidson’s latest masterpiece, the 2023 Electra Glide Highway King, takes Harley's iconic reputation to new heights. This exceptional motorcycle is part of the Icons series, paying homage to the most sought-after models in Harley-Davidson's history. In this post, we'll delve into the features that make the 2023 Electra Glide Highway King a must-have for any serious rider, and why it's creating waves in the world of touring bikes.

Comfort for the Ride

Riders who value comfort on long journeys will find the 2023 Electra Glide Highway King is top of its class. Its ergonomic design ensures that you can embark on extended rides without any discomfort. Additionally, the handlebars are thoughtfully positioned to minimize strain on your shoulders and arms.


Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1968 model, the 2023 Electra Glide Highway King is available in two stunning two-tone options: Hi-Fi Magenta (limited to 750 units) or Hi-Fi Orange (limited to 1,000 units). Both options feature Birch White pinstriping accents and Black Denim finishing touches. Adding to the exclusivity, each motorcycle boasts a laser-etched serial number on the console due to its limited production run of 1,750 units worldwide.


H-D Performance

The 2023 Electra Glide Highway King is equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine that delivers abundant torque for instant power on demand, accompanied by the unmistakable roar of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine. Moreover, it readily accepts compatible Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Stage Upgrade kits to push performance even further. The new Highway King is also loaded with advanced features, making it one of the safest and most reliable touring bikes. Standard electronic cruise control,  halogen headlamps, and auxiliary lamps, reflex-linked Brembo brakes, and cornering rider safety enhancements like electronically linked brakes, cornering-ABS, cornering-traction control, drag torque slip control, and vehicle hold control, all will enhance your handling and safety while navigating the twists and turns of the road.


In essence, the new 2023 Electra Glide Highway King seamlessly blends the nostalgia of a cherished two-lane road trip with modern comfort and performance. Inspired by the iconic 1968 FLH Electra Glide, this Highway King is a game-changer in the touring bike arena. Its cutting-edge features, potent engine, and timeless design offer an unparalleled riding experience for riders of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a novice, this motorcycle is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don't wait any longer; get in touch with Wilkins Harley-Davidson online or over the phone to take the 2023 Electra Glide Highway King or any of the other new Harley-Davidson motorcycles for a ride and experience the ultimate in motorcycle excellence!