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Harley-Davidson Membership

Are you a passionate Harley-Davidson enthusiast looking to connect with like-minded riders, discover exciting events, and earn rewards for your love of motorcycles? Look no further than Harley-Davidson Membership—a brand-new program designed to bring the Harley community together like never before. With community engagement, exclusive content, and rewards points, this membership is the ultimate experience for any Harley-Davidson rider. Best of all, it's completely free to join!

A New Harley Community at Your Fingertips

With Harley-Davidson Membership, you gain access to a thriving H-D community right from your smartphone. The H-D App serves as your gateway to this new social hub, where you can connect, inspire, and build relationships with fellow riders. Discover local events or create your own, join and create groups based on your interests, and explore and share your experiences on a dedicated social feed. This is the perfect platform to showcase your passion for motorcycles and connect with others who share your love for Harley-Davidson.

Exclusive Content Tailored for Members

As a H-D Member, you get to experience the Harley brand like never before. Gain access to exclusive content that is shared only with members through the H-D App. This means you'll be the first to see behind-the-scenes footage, get insider information on upcoming releases, and enjoy other exclusive perks that will make you feel like a true Harley insider.

Get Rewarded for Your Passion

Harley-Davidson wants to reward you for doing what you love most—riding motorcycles. With the H-D Membership program, your community participation and purchases will earn you valuable points that can be redeemed both online and at Harley-Davidson dealerships. Earn points by engaging with the community, sharing content, attending events, and, of course, making purchases of H-D products and services. These points can be redeemed for a wide range of H-D merchandise, allowing you to enhance your riding experience with stylish gear and accessories.

Customize Your Membership Experience

While the basic H-D Membership is free, you also have the option to enhance your membership by purchasing an Access Pass, Rider Pass, or Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) membership. These passes provide additional benefits and perks, tailored to suit your individual preferences.

The Access Pass, available for just $29 per year, offers an array of benefits such as an authentic H-D T-shirt, unlimited free H-D Museum visits, free expedited shipping, early access to lifestyle products, exclusive lifestyle event access, influence on product development, and more.

The Rider Pass, priced at $49 per year, includes benefits like roadside assistance, free expedited shipping, early access to riding gear, parts, and accessories, an EagleRider rental discount, and exclusive riding communities and events.

For the ultimate Harley-Davidson experience, consider the H.O.G. membership priced at $59 per year. This package offers unlimited roadside assistance for two H-D motorcycles, a printed H.O.G. magazine, unlimited free H-D Museum visits, a 34-point service inspection, exclusive events, challenges, and rewards for H.O.G. members, and much more.

Download the H-D App and Start Riding Together

Harley-Davidson Membership is your ticket to an incredible community of passionate riders, exclusive content, and exciting rewards. Download the H-D App, become a member, and experience the joy of connecting with fellow enthusiasts who share your love for the open road. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting your Harley journey, this membership will undoubtedly enhance your experience and make every ride even more unforgettable. Don't wait—join the Harley-Davidson Membership today and let the adventure begin!

H-D Membership Frequently Asked Questions