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The 2023 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special

Harley-Davidson has been around for over a century, and its legendary motorcycles are still going strong. One such model is the limited-production Street Glide Special Anniversary cruiser, which celebrates the brand's 120th anniversary. This commemorative edition is limited to 1,600 units alongside seven other Anniversary models, including the Fat Boy 114, Heritage Classic, Road Glide Special, Ultra Limited, and CVO Road Glide Limited.

The 2023 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special Anniversary is a touring-style cruiser that features a unique Heirloom Red paint scheme. The motorcycle comes equipped with a smattering of switch gear revealing its copious features, including cruise control and audio controls for the Boom! Box GTS audio system. Tucked below four analog gauges is a 5.25-inch touchscreen that can be operated with gloves, managing features like GPS and stereo controls.

When it comes to riding the Street Glide Special, the first thing you'll notice is its heavy visual presence. With a curb weight of 827 pounds, and sits at a manageable 27.2-inch seat height. Once you’ve thunked into first gear and rolled into motion, the Glide starts to glide into motion with ease, dissipating much of the inertia from its large footprint and considerable mass.


While the batwing fairing incorporates an analog speedo, tach, fuel gauge, and voltmeter. The LCD representation of gear position is reassuring. 

Once at cruising speed, the Street Glide Special comes into its own. While big touring Harleys were once shaky and sloppy in corners, improvements over the years have led to improved handling thanks to the relatively modernized chassis. The mild steel tubular frame incorporates cast and forged junctions, while the two-piece swingarm links the rear wheel solidly to the body. Cornering is absolutely amazing with the Nitrogen Filled Shocks.  

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Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight 114 powerplant, incorporating pushrods, four valves per cylinder, and hydraulic self-adjusting lifters along with electronic sequential port injection. Goose the throttle, and the 1,868cc V-twin lurches ahead with honeyed ease. Most of the grunt resides down low, below the 4,000 rpm range. Although there’s still some momentum in the revs as the needle approaches redline, the official peak power of 95 hp occurs at a claimed 5,020 rpm, with 122 lb.-ft. of torque maxing out at an even lower 2,750 rpm.