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Adam Sandoval's Great American Convoy stops at Wilkins Harley-Davidson on June 29, 2023

Adam Sandoval, a renowned Harley-Davidson rider, has embarked on an epic journey across all 48 states of the United States. He has initiated the "Great American Convoy" on his 2023 Anniversary Road Glide to celebrate Harley Davidson's 120th anniversary and raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Great American Convoy is not just another motorcycle ride, but a journey of brotherhood, unity, and patriotism. Sandoval, along with a group of riders, will travel nearly 30,000 miles visiting 120 select H-D dealerships to raise funds for our American Veterans. The Convoy invites people to join them at any one of the stops along the way to make a charitable donation and stay for multiple days or just a few miles.

The Convoy will start its journey on April 22, 2023, from Pigtrail Harley-Davidson in Arkansas and end at the H-D Museum in Milwaukee, WI on July 14, 2023, for the official Harley-Davidson Anniversary Party. Sandoval's mission is to bring together Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, riders, and veterans to raise awareness and funds for a noble cause.

On June 29, 2023, between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., the Great American Convoy will make a stop at Wilkins Harley-Davidson in Barre, Vermont. This is an excellent opportunity for riders in Vermont to join the Convoy and support the cause. The Convoy has already received an overwhelming response from people across the United States.

Sandoval's initiative to honor Harley-Davidson's 120th anniversary and benefit the Wounded Warrior Project is a testament to his dedication and love for the country. The Great American Convoy is not just a ride, but an expression of gratitude towards the brave men and women who have served the country.

If you are a Harley-Davidson enthusiast or a veteran, this is your chance to join the Great American Convoy and make a difference. Together we can ride, together we can raise awareness, and together we can honor the sacrifice of our veterans. Let's come together to support the cause and make this journey a memorable one.