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When should you tune your motorcycle?


Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their iconic sound and performance, but over time, their performance can start to degrade due to a variety of factors. One way to restore or even improve a Harley's performance is by tuning the motorcycle.

Tuning a Harley can improve:

  • Power
  • Torque
  • Throttle response
  • Fuel economy

Making it a popular choice among Harley enthusiasts.

So, when should you tune your Harley? There are a few situations where tuning may be necessary. The first is when you've made modifications to your motorcycle. Adding new exhaust systems, air filters, or other aftermarket parts can significantly impact the air/fuel ratio of your motorcycle, causing it to run poorly. In this case, a tune can help adjust the fuel mapping to ensure that your motorcycle runs smoothly and efficiently.

Another situation where tuning may be necessary is when you've noticed a drop in performance. This could be due to a variety of factors, including clogged fuel injectors or air filters, worn spark plugs, or even a dirty throttle body. A proper tune can help identify and address these issues, restoring your motorcycle's performance.


There are several different types of tuning available for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including computer-based tuning and dyno tuning. However, one of the most popular options is the Screamin' Eagle tuner from Harley-Davidson. The Screamin' Eagle tuner is a plug-and-play device that connects to the motorcycle's diagnostic port and allows riders to adjust a variety of settings, including air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, and throttle response.

One of the main benefits of the Screamin' Eagle tuner is that it allows riders to adjust their motorcycle's performance based on their riding style. The tuner offers a variety of pre-set performance maps, ranging from fuel economy to high-performance racing. Riders can choose the map that best fits their needs, or even create a custom map using the included software.

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Dyno tuning is a process of tuning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle using a dynamometer, a device that measures power output and allows for precise adjustments to be made to the engine's fuel mapping and ignition timing. During the dyno-tuning process, the motorcycle is mounted on the dynamometer, and a technician uses specialized software to make adjustments to the motorcycle's performance. This process allows for real-time adjustments to be made, and the results can be seen immediately on the dynamometer's display.

One of the main benefits of dyno-tuning your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is improved performance. By fine-tuning the fuel mapping and ignition timing, the motorcycle can be optimized to deliver more power, better throttle response, and improved fuel economy. This is particularly important for riders who have made modifications to their motorcycles, such as adding new exhaust systems or air filters. Dyno tuning can help ensure that these modifications are properly optimized for the best performance possible.

Another benefit of dyno-tuning is increased reliability. By ensuring that the motorcycle is running at its best, the risk of engine damage or other issues is significantly reduced. This can help riders feel more confident in their motorcycles and reduce the risk of breakdowns or other mechanical issues. Additionally, dyno tuning can help identify potential issues before they become serious problems, allowing for preventative maintenance to be performed and further reducing the risk of mechanical failure. Overall, dyno tuning is an excellent option for riders who want to ensure that their Harley-Davidson motorcycles are running at their best and want to optimize their performance for maximum power and reliability.

In conclusion, tuning your Harley-Davidson motorcycle can significantly improve its performance and should be considered when modifications are made or when performance has degraded. The Screamin' Eagle tuner is an excellent option for those who want to take control of their motorcycle's performance and customize it to their needs.

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