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Harley-Davidson releases the 120th Anniversary Models

Harley-Davidson has just released its 120th Anniversary Motorcycles, seven models in total.

These models include the Anniversary CVO Road Glide Limited, Anniversary Fatboy, Anniversary Heritage Softail Classic, Anniversary Street Glide, Anniversary Road Glide, Anniversary Ultra Limited, and Anniversary Tri-Glide.  The 2023 models will be limited and serialized (We understand that each model will be under 2000 worldwide).

One of the standout features of these anniversary models is the rich metallic flake paint called Heirloom Red. The tank badge is based on the 1954 Anniversary Badge, which is made of brass and features a speed bird. The seats also have an Oxblood Finish with Stitching, adding to the vintage look of the bikes.

In addition to the eye-catching paint and badges, the anniversary models also feature anniversary-specific intake badges, timer covers, and derby covers. These added details give the bikes a truly special and unique look.

To accompany the new motorcycles, Harley-Davidson is also releasing a clothing line. This will give fans of the brand the opportunity to show off their love for Harley-Davidson in a whole new way.

Overall, the 120th Anniversary Motorcycles from Harley-Davidson are a true celebration of the brand's rich history and heritage. With their unique and detailed design, these bikes are sure to turn heads and be a hit with fans of the brand.  Interested in what is in stock for 120th Anniversary Models?  CLICK HERE