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Hot and New, the 2022 Low Rider ST

‘Ello fellow enthusiast!

    If there is one thing that will ring true throughout the years – It is everyone’s love to talk about their motorcycle! I wanted to take some time and share some stories and knowledge about the hottest bike of the year. Harley-Davidson’s 2022 Low Rider ST!


    Let’s start with some of the technical information! Boasting the largest production engine in the Harley lineup, the Low Rider ST is equipped with a powerful 117ci engine. This bad boy offers you 125FT-lbs of torque at 3500rpm and a feisty 103HP. This truly allows for mind-bending acceleration and a “governed” top speed of 120mph. This puts the 0-60 time at about 4.3 seconds! Personally, my excitement to see this kind of performance coming from a 720lb bike produced by Harley-Davidson was through the roof! The Low Rider ST is the perfect balance of Sport and Touring for anyone from an FXR enthusiast to a younger rider who is looking to get the best of both worlds (like myself). One more amazing thing the engineers pulled off with this model - is the lean angle. It is a TIGHT 31.3 degrees!! It truly allows you to take this machine to the next level in the twists and turns of the beautiful Vermont and New England areas! 

    With that said I'd love to share some of my experiences throughout the area. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to secure an FXLRST in the Vermont area. That has allowed me to get a solid 3600 miles on my motorcycle so far. Between long rides with my friends, commuting to work, and allegedly a little bar hopping.


    One of my most memorable rides was with a close friend of mine and someone I look up to quite a lot. We rode from Morrisville, VT to Lake Willougby and then out to Colebrook, NH, finally coming back into Vermont near St. Johnsbury. The ride was absolutely beautiful. The simplicity of the Low Rider ST without the infotainment and everything in front of my face allowed me to truly bond with the road and the excitement of leaning into the next corner built with each mile that went by.


    This motorcycle is truly built to carve through country roads, cities, and these glorious mountains effortlessly and in style. Some of my favorite rides are simple ones. For example my morning commute! I leave from Morrisville, VT and will choose between Route 12, 2, or the interstate depending on how I'm feeling. Either of the first two routes are great to get a little throttle therapy and enjoy the scenic route but the trips on the interstate are always an absolute blast! The Fairing provides enough protection from the wind but is designed in a way that allows enough airflow to keep you cool and the 117 engine allows you to pass anyone and anything you want! 


    In conclusion, the Low Rider ST is truly a marvel of performance and touring. It offers a great style and allows you to tour comfortably and quickly! It is a very well-balanced machine in how it meets the needs for Performance as well as Touring. Harley-Davidson really took steps in the right direction with this model and the ST line in general and I can not wait to see what the future looks like! 

~ Peace, Love, and Happiness ~


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Photo Credit: Dream Anchor Photography

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