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WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Talking Harley-Davidson Street Glides!


Hey there guys, this is Nate down here at Wilkins Harley-Davidson and today we wanted to talk to you about some of the differences in the Street Glides.

So I've got three bikes here for us to compare.

We got the Street Glide Standard, Street Glide Special, and then new for 2022 we got the Street Glide ST.

So there's a few differences in these bikes that make each one unique to its rider.

So on the Street Glide Standard, let's just start right off of the wheels.

Guys so down here we got the Enforcer 2 cast wheels, all right.

Great look on this bike.

The particular paint job on this one I believe is the White Sand Pearl.

Okay, 49 millimeter front end shock is on all three models.

That's same all the way across the board, but up here if we look at this guy.

On the Street Glide Special we do have the Black Prodigy on this one.

You can also get the high contrast cut wheels.

Right, so you kind of reveal some of that chrome.

This one doesn't have that, but still a sweet looking ride.

So as you can tell we also have chrome, and it goes over to a black right set up on this guy, and then on the ST this thing's really the sweet, sweet, end of things.

This is your performance bagger.

So kind of like the Low Rider S's in the past and the ST models all around this year.

You do have the Bonze Prodigy on this guy, which is a sweet looking setup on this thing.

That guy's Vivid Black, right, so one of the stock colors.

White sand pearl.

Redline red.

This guy's got the 107.

You go up to the Street Glide Special and of course we're going to go over to the 114.

Both of those guys are the Milwaukee 8 and then new for this year, 2022, on the ST, so again, the concept for this guy is that it's the performance bagger.

This guy now comes standard with the 117 in it.

So this thing's pushing out i think it's 127 foot-pounds of torque.

So just kind of a beast of a rig right.

This thing is ready to roll.

So guys when you're getting the Street Glide Standard, uh, this thing does come with the boombox 4.3 standard this guy.

Does have the 6.5 GTS system, which is an optional add on this.

So just know that sometimes you can go without that but we find that most riders do like the GTS system.

Which comes with the navigation so we add that into as many bikes as we possibly can on the standard.

Now on the Street Glide Special the GTS comes stock.

So that is built in from the manufacturer.

So you can tell this thing's got all the Vivid Black paint here as opposed to flat matte and then chrome setup.

Okay and that styling just goes down throughout the bike all the way across and then as we come around to the back of the bike a couple other differences.

On the Street Glide Standard we are looking at your standard bag.

Whereas on the Street Glide Special it's a stretched bag.

So this guy just comes down a little bit more gives you a little extra space okay.

The White Sand Pearl is the standard.

The red guy is Special, but as you can see those are both the same except for the chrome to black okay.

Chrome on the pipes, black on the pipes.

That just kind of follows throughout the whole bike but if we come over to the ST we'll see one of the big differences here.

So now we've got the orange indicators, this thing's kind of a smoked out tail and then we've got the red here.

So just kind of again that sport look and then those saddlebags on this one, Cam, are a shortened saddle bag overall.

Again, trying to lift the bike up, giving us more lean angle.

So another key indicator on the Street Glide ST is that this guy's got an extra inch of suspension on it.

So it's kind of a standard height as opposed to a lower height.

Whole concept is is we're going to get the bike lifted up, give it more power, and make sure we got that lean angle so that you can, again, really get that performance built into this thing.

So that, in general, is Street Glide Standard, Street Glide Special, Street Glide ST performance bagger.

Again this one is new for 2022.

Guys from the launch video to today this is the bike that I think we're gonna get the most questions about.

This is the bike that I think is gonna fly out the door.

A lot of people are looking for performance baggers.

They want the ability to cruise, they want the ability to be comfortable, but they also want to be able to carve the corners, and this thing right here looks mean.

Is awesome to ride.

Can't wait for this spring to be able to test it out.

It comes in the Vivid Black and we also got the Gunship Gray.

The standard comes with a few colors, as well, and then the Special is where you can really deck it out with different paint jobs.

Make it look the way you want.

So customization options, always ready to go.

Thanks for checking out the Street Glides, you guys have a great day.