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2022 New England Tour Card is HERE!

It’s that time of year again, riders are beginning to make preparations for the upcoming riding season. For many that includes getting new riding apparel and talking to Parts and Accessories about when they want to get their bike out of winter storage. One thing that a lot of riders have been asking about since the new year is when the 2022 NEHDDA Tour Cards are going to be available? 

Well, good news for those who have been patiently waiting. The 2022 Ride New England Tour Cards are officially available for riders to pick up and start stamping! Many of our riders know the routine for what to do with the tour cards, but this past year we saw many new riders get their endorsements and hit the roads. So we are going to provide a little instruction on how to get your tour card stamped. 

On the tour card, there are 26 dealerships that you can go to in New England. When you visit each dealership you present them with your tour card as well as your valid ID. Your name will be written down in the binder as having checked in and you will get a stamp with the dealership’s name on it, as well as the employee’s initials. This verifies that you have gone to the dealership and have gotten your tour card stamped by them. 

We have attached a link to the tour card so you can download it from home, or you can stop into your local Harley-Davidson dealership and they will have tour cards available for you. We look forward to seeing all of our riders this upcoming riding season!