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Harley-Davidson tosses several models in the trash for 2022

Harley-Davidson tosses several models in the trash for 2022

If you’ve been following Harley-Davidson over the past few years, you’re probably familiar with their Hardwire strategy. Part of this plan is to reduce model and color complexity while building additional value in the brand. As a result, we have seen various models dropped from the lineup during the Covid Era (like the FXDR-114 and FXLR) while some pretty impressive models have been added (Sportster S and the Pan America adventure bike.)

For 2022 we saw some additional models “pruned” from the lineup. These include the Iron 1200 (XL1200NS), the Softail Slim (FLSL), the Sport Glide (FLSB) and the Breakout 114 (FXBRS).

With the official 2022 Launch “Further, Faster” coming up on January 26th, we are still in the dark regarding any new models that may join the 2022 selection.

But why did these get pruned? While some folks may speculate that it is relating to eliminating models that do not sell well, or reducing “similar” models to allow for a more defined variety. Others might say it is to provide space for a new/refreshed model. Regardless of the reason, it happens (anyone remember 2014 and no Road Glide?!) With that said, Harley-Davidson left us with some great 2022 models with some new colors that, so far, seem to offer something most riders will love.

We look forward to seeing what else is in store for the 2022 model year during the official launch and what surprises the Motor Company may still have in store for us.