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Riding Route 100

Vermont Route 100 is a scenic drive everyone should experience. With rolling hills, unspoiled forests, mountain and valley vistas, and quintessential Vermont towns, Route 100 has it all. With the exception of some of the areas around the ski resorts, the road possesses a rural feel through most of the towns it travels through. It is internationally known for its incredible fall foliage. 

Nick, from our service department, rode Rt 100 to Stockbridge and then took Rt 107 through to Bethel to get to Montpelier via Rt 12. He loves riding through the beautiful scenery and small towns with little traffic. The tree line is something to admire and there are a few places it encloses the road. 

Route 100 is the longest north–south route in Vermont. It runs through the center of the state and is nearly the entire length of Vermont at 216.59 miles long. Vermont Rt 100 is the state's longest state highway and the longest numbered highway in Vermont of any type.

Give it a ride and let us know what you think!