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Updating Your Harley-Davidson Radio

Every Tuesday a Wilkins Technician explains a tip, trick or how-to, to assist you with your Harley motorcycle. In this article, Dan goes over how to update your radio. To get more information watch the video above or continue on to read the steps below. 

First go to your Home Screen.

Then find wherever the Setup selection is on the model of your bike. 

In Setup find System Information and then select Software. 

In Software you will find if your radio needs the latest update. 

If you need an update Wilkins will always have the latest and you can stop by our Express lane to get it installed quickly. Or you can go to the Harley-Davidson website at: https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/index.html.

On the Harley-Davidson website select Owners at the top righthand corner. Then select Audio and Navigation and choose your radio. 

Once you've selected your radio, scroll down to Software Updates and press Download to put it on your own zip disc.

Then open your bikes side panel and plug in the zip disc. You will then need to follow some prompts to update your radio.

The first prompt will ask you to Select Yes to update. 

Make sure you have your bike turned to Accessory so you can make your selection. Then the upload will begin.

When complete it will ask you to remove the zip disc. 

When you remove the zip disc the radio will then reboot itself and your update is complete. 

Thank you for reading and look out for next weeks video and explanation!