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How to Install Harley-Davidson Windshields

Every Tuesday a Wilkins Technician explains a tip, trick or how-to, to assist you with your Harley motorcycle. In this article, Dan goes over how to change your windshield. You may want to change out your windshield for the different seasons or to prevent helmet buffeting. To get more information watch the video above or continue on to read the steps below.

First loosen the top screw on the inner fairing and remove the three screws on the front of your bike. 

Once everything is loose, grab your motorcycle underneath the windshield and pull it back a little to take the windshield out.

Next, you'll need to get your new windshield.  

You will then pull out the front of your motorcycle again to place in the windshield.

Look for the grooves in the windshield and the fairing. Make sure it is aligned and be careful not to scratch anything.

Lightly torque the screws back into place. If you torque too hard you could potentially crack your windshield. 

Finally go back and tighten the top screw on your inner fairing. 

Thank you for reading and look out for next weeks video and explanation!