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What is the Harley-Davidson App?


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Download the H-D® App to view ride maps, receive event announcements, and more!

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The official app from Harley-Davidson® offers a comprehensive platform for planning, navigating, and fostering connections within the Harley-Davidson® community.

Community Engagement:

  • Facilitate new connections and group affiliations within the Harley-Davidson® community.
  • Discover and engage in local events, enriching your riding experiences.

Membership Benefits:

  • Tailor your profile to reflect your unique identity.
  • Monitor and accrue points through both purchases and app engagements.
  • Foster direct communication with your local dealership for personalized assistance.

Efficient Ride Planning:

  • Customize routes with precision by incorporating waypoints, essential stops like dealerships, fuel stations, and dining options.
  • Seamlessly synchronize planned routes across various platforms, ensuring accessibility and coherence.

GPS Navigation:

  • Utilize turn-by-turn GPS navigation to maintain course accuracy, guaranteeing a seamless journey.
  • Choose destinations effortlessly or embark on ambitious routes with confidence.

Recording and Sharing:

  • Share your riding adventures with friends, whether it's meticulously planned journeys or spontaneous escapades.
  • Cultivate a network of shared experiences within the Harley-Davidson® community.

Engaging Challenges:

  • Participate in diverse riding challenges to elevate your riding prowess and earn coveted achievements, including reward points.

Dealership Accessibility:

  • Effortlessly locate and navigate to any Harley-Davidson® dealership via GPS integration.
  • Access dealership information, services, operating hours, and upcoming events conveniently.

Personalized Harley-Davidson® Garage:

  • Efficiently manage your Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, ensuring optimal maintenance and staying informed about any recalls.
  • Utilize Bluetooth connectivity on select vehicles to seamlessly integrate planned routes into your bike’s infotainment system, enhancing on-road navigation and convenience.


The Harley-Davidson™ App for iOS can be downloaded here.

The Harley-Davidson™ App for Android can be downloaded here.

Or use this QR code:


You can submit feedback within the app by going to More “•••” > Mobile App Feedback or you can email mobileappfeedback@harley-davidson.com.

Yes, you can plan your rides with the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner and your rides will appear within the app.  You can edit your rides within the app and use them for GPS Navigation.  Also, any rides created in the app and recorded rides will show up online in the Ride Planner.

To import rides into your Harley-Davidson Boom! Box Navigation, go to the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner and click the DOWNLOAD GPX link within Ride Edit or Preview. You then place the GPX file on a USB drive and plug the drive into your bike.