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Used Harley-Davidson Certification Process

Used Harley-Davidson Certification Process

Wilkins H-D® Dyno Certified Models


What is a Dyno Certified Harley-Davidson®?

*This means if the brakes are not State Inspectable, we replace them.

*We test the battery with our midtronics battery tester. If it doesnt show good cranking amps. It is replaced with an OEM H-D® Battery.

*This means if the tires (yes plural) are not State Inspectable, we replace them with OEM tires, not the cheap ones with the softer compound.

*This means we put FRESH H-D® SYN 3 fluid in the primary of the Harley®.

*This means we put FRESH H-D® SYN 3 fluid in the transmission of the Harley®.

*This means we put FRESH H-D® SYN 3 fluid in the engine oil.

*This means we complete a full brake flush on front and rear brakes if the bike is 2 years old or older.

*This means we service the motorcycle closest to the 5K interval, significantly more than an oil change.

*This means we perform an operational check of all H-D® OEM Electrical Components to ensure functionality and safety.

*This means we then perform a State inspection of the Harley®.

*We then place it on our DYNO 250 IX to test it to ensure it meets all the normal electrical and mechanical tests.

You shouldnt have to put a penny into a Dyno Certified Harley® from Wilkins H-D® unless you are accessorizing it!

When you are looking to buy a Harley-Davidson®, ask the dealership for the RECENT service records before you buy. The Harley-Davidson® Dealership should be able tp produce a recent repair order that shows all the work done which includes all the oils being changed.

On average, we spend $1000.00 on our preowned bikes before they leave. Yes. One Thousand Dollars. Ask for the Repair order on the bike you are looking at, at Wilkins H-D®. Or, better yet, ask for the Repair Order at the dealership you are looking at another bike and wait for the deer in headlights.

In 2015, a couple of our team members made this video to explain further. Take the 1 minute to watch.

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