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100 Horsepower Club

Wilkins H-D® 100 Horsepower Club

Extra power to pass on the interstate when you are fully loaded, passenger, and luggage. You know you want it.

Wilkins H-D® doesn't outsource its dyno tuning. We do it in-house.

Wilkins H-D® has the Harley-Davidson® Master Technicians trained to Dyno Tune and create custom-made maps designed for your Harley-Davidson®.

Stop by the Wilkins H-D®'s accessory department to order your 100 horsepower kit today! Or, give our team a call at (802) 476-6104. We have the only 250IX Dynojet with an enclosed room in Vermont! Trained by one of the best in the industry, Mike Daniels, of Daniels Performance.

Lately, we have been installing a great deal of the 128 Kits!  Moving 107 Engines all the way up to 128.

Best of all... It Retains the Original Equipment Factory Warranty. Sure, we know. Maybe you don't care about the warranty.  However, you do care that your engine lasts.  Why do you think Harley-Davidson is so confident with these kits?  They were designed for maximum RELIABLE power!  

This Stage IV Kit was designed to deliver maximum horsepower – all the way to the redline. Features new CNC-ported heads with 1mm bigger valves and fully machined combustion chambers. Coupled with the kit's high-lift SE8-517 cam, high compression pistons, and a 64mm throttle body and intake manifold, this combination delivers a thrilling 126 ft-lb of torque and 121 HP rear-wheel output when paired with Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Mufflers. It’s designed to run wide open at high-end RPMs and provide a significant boost of torque from cruising speed. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you twist the throttle. When installed by an authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer within 60 days of the vehicle purchase, compliant kits do not impact the vehicle’s limited warranty. Kit includes: CNC Ported Cylinder Heads with CNC machined chamber and 1mm larger valves L93, Stage IV Timer Cover, SE8-517 High-Lift Cam, Forged High Compression Pistons, High-Performance Cam Bearing, Tappets, 4.31" Steel Sleeve Cylinders, 64mm Throttle Body and Cast Manifold and High Flow Injectors (5.5 g/sec).

• Stage IV Kit - 114CI to 128CI for Oil-Cooled models

• Delivers increased response throughout the entire RPM range

• Provides thrilling acceleration when twisting the throttle

• Maintains flat torque curve from cruising RPM to redline

• Can be installed without removing the engine from the chassis

• Retains Original Equipment Factory Warranty

• 49-State U.S. EPA Compliant on '17-later Touring models

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