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What's special about a 2017 Harley-Davidson FLHXS Street Glide Special?

The thunderous roar of the engine, the iconic design, and the open road – these are the elements that define the Harley-Davidson experience. In this review, we delve into the 2017 Harley-Davidson FLHXS Street Glide Special, a motorcycle that embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure.

Design and Aesthetics:

The FLHXS Street Glide Special is a visual masterpiece, seamlessly blending classic Harley-Davidson aesthetics with modern design elements. The unmistakable batwing fairing, slim and clean front fender, gloss black inner fairing, and clean profile add to its iconic profile. While the 19-inch Enforcer II front wheel, chromed-out powertrain, and factory infotainment system add a touch of sophistication. The streamlined, aggressive stance of the bike makes a bold statement on the road, reflecting the true essence of Harley-Davidson's design philosophy.

94173180092b0fb7e456d8e099603de4_0f3f9a25c1b3e59d.pngPerformance and Power:

At the heart of the FLHXS is the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, a powerhouse that delivers the legendary Harley-Davidson rumble. With 1,746cc of displacement, this V-twin engine produces a satisfying combination of torque and horsepower, providing a thrilling riding experience. The responsiveness of the throttle and the smooth six-speed transmission make acceleration a joy, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate both city streets and open highways.

Riding Comfort:
Long rides are a breeze on the FLHXS, thanks to the ergonomic design and thoughtful features. The one-touch opening saddlebags offer ample storage space for essentials and the Boom! Box 6.5 Infotainment System provides entertainment and navigation at your fingertips. The spacious and well-padded seat, coupled with the adjustable rear suspension, ensures a comfortable ride for both the rider and passenger.

Technology and Features:
Harley-Davidson has successfully integrated modern technology into the FLHXS without compromising its classic charm. The infotainment system boasts a crisp touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and intuitive controls. The Reflex Linked Brembo Brakes with ABS enhance safety, providing precise stopping power when needed. The inclusion of the Smart Security System adds an extra layer of protection to this prized possession.
b21b2ee7820f094a2afc34eda2ff20bd_c9fee3c3fc54ff7c.pngHandling and Maneuverability:

For a touring bike of its size, the FLHXS surprises with its agility and nimbleness. The Reflex Linked Brembo Brakes, combined with the responsive suspension system, contribute to confident handling, making it easy to navigate through various riding conditions. Also, 2017 was the first year of Showa's Dual Bending Valve Technology in the front suspension. This allowed for an improved ride and handling performance. Whether cruising on the open highway or maneuvering through city traffic, the Street Glide Special lives up to its name with a perfect balance of stability and maneuverability.

The 2017 Harley-Davidson FLHXS Street Glide Special is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, performance, and timeless design. From its head-turning aesthetics to the powerful Milwaukee-Eight engine, this motorcycle embodies the true spirit of the open road. For riders seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, the FLHXS Street Glide Special stands as a symbol of freedom, adventure, and the unrivaled thrill of the Harley-Davidson riding experience.

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