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What are the New 2024 Harley-Davidsons?

Well, you are a tad bit early!  Yes, a handful of 2024 models are out so keep reading.  However, they are what Harley-Davidson calls "Carry Over' Models.  This means that these are 2024s that are similar to 2023 Harleys but with some minor changes, but bold new colors.  So, what's new for 2024 Harley-Davidsons? What do we know as of right now on December 2nd?

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New Base Paint and Customization:

Billiard Gray takes center stage as the new base paint for all 2024 models, while vivid black paint emerges as a customizable option, allowing riders to personalize their bikes according to their style. 


2024 Breakout 117 (FXBR):

The Breakout 117 sets the stage for power and style, boasting a Milwaukee-Eight 117ci V-twin engine that delivers uncompromising torque and performance. With a design that seamlessly blends heritage and contemporary aesthetics, the Breakout 117 stands as a testament to Harley-Davidson's commitment to craftsmanship, offering an exhilarating ride on your favorite roads.

Featuring a muscular, low-slung profile accentuated by a wide rear tire, the Breakout 117 has an unmistakable and aggressive stance. With an emphasis on precision handling, this model incorporates a refined chassis and suspension system, ensuring confident control and stability, whether navigating city streets or devouring winding highways. This powerhouse is meticulously engineered to offer an exhilarating ride!

2024 Breakout 117 Colors:  Alpine Green, Billiard Gray, Blue Burst, Vivid Black, White Onyx Pearl.

2024 Low Rider S (FXLRS):

01fff55eaa2bf96923f9ff2d9ef86a08_f33308d2878b1fc9.jpgA true performer, the Low Rider S has been a hit since its return in 2016 when it was a Dyna model. Its Dark-Custom style with bronze accents made it a hit for riders, especially those looking to build a performance cruiser with attitude. The Low Rider S returns with a 117ci engine, a Signature LED headlight, raised rear suspension, and new color options like Billiard Gray, Vivid Black, Red Rock, and Sharkskin Blue. Balancing comfort and performance, this model invites riders to experience the thrill of the open road with its legendary style and customizable features.

2024 Low Rider S Colors: Billiard Gray, Vivid Black, Red Rock, and Sharkskin Blue.

2024 Low Rider ST (FXLRST): e9a5852c18b4c2e40a8e01d2350b3d3c_15f5a89491db82c0.jpgThe Low Rider ST is not just a bike; it's a statement, a lifestyle. With a powerful 117ci engine, lean angle, and advanced safety features like Brembo brakes and ABS systems, this cruiser represents the iconic history of Harley-Davidson and a desire in the core of our being to be more, to do more. The Low Rider ST meets and exceeds these desires with exhilarating torque exploding from the 117ci engine. Embrace the future of riding with confidence, style, and the exhilarating torque that defines the Low Rider ST.

2024 Low Rider ST Colors:  Billiard Gray, Red Rock, Vivid Black. 

2024 Softail Standard (FXST):

The Softail Standard remains a versatile, bare-bones cruiser ready for anything. With a 107ci Milwaukee-8 motor, mini-ape handlebars, and LED Daymaker Headlight, this stripped-down model offers endless customization opportunities. Whether you deck it out in accessories or leave it as a blank slate, the Softail Standard is your bike, your rules. We are so excited to see what might come out for 2024!  Our gut tells us that it will still be a stripped-down cruiser ready for the open road and we do like the customization opportunities!

2024 Softail Standard Colors: Billiard Gray, and Vivid Black

2024 Freewheeler (FLRT):

A Wilkins H-D favorite since its debut in 2015, the Freewheeler continues to captivate riders with its minimalist style, comfort, and stability. With the 2024 model, anticipate potential updates in blacked-out trim and wheels, building on the success of the 2023 revamp. Experience the freedom of the open road on a Freewheeler, where demand is high, and availability is fleeting. If you are thinking about a Trike but just aren't sure which way to go, we always suggest trying all three models so you can really feel the differences... and you will within a few miles.

2024 Freewheeler Colors:  Alpine Green/Black Two Tone, Billiard Gray, Vivid Black.  

2024 Road Glide 3 (FLTRT):

The Road Glide 3 combines the beloved Road Glide fairing with the nimbleness of the Freewheeler, creating an exceptional trike. With an extra 2" of rake for better handling, this model promises an incredible riding experience. We here at Wilkins have been saying for years that we needed a Road Glide trike and Harley definitely delivered in 2023. Stay tuned for potential updates and exciting color options as Harley-Davidson continues to impress with its innovative designs.

2024 Road Glide 3 Colors:  Atlas Silver Metallic, Billiard Gray, Red Rock, Sharkskin Blue, Vivid Black.  

2024 Tri Glide Ultra (FLHTCUTG):

e1d7bf98a62a088d4d120148fa612723_579fbb24fac919a3.jpgBack by popular demand, the Tri Glide Ultra Classic returns for 2024, offering a stable and stylish three-wheeled riding experience. Launched in 2009, the Tri-Glide quickly rose in popularity each year given its thoughtful styling, impressive comfort, and a design that visually imitates a 2-wheeled rider's perspective. With a range of new colors, including Billiard Gray as the base color, riders can choose from options like Alpine Green/Vivid Black, Blue Burst, and more. The Tri Glide remains a must-see for those seeking stability, comfort, and the thrill of the open road. So, if you're looking for a fun machine that provides you with impressive storage (tour pack and the trunk provide about 6.8 cubic feet of storage), a potent powertrain (M8 114ci engine), rider safety enhancements (including ABS brakes w/ electronic linking, cornering enhanced traction control and more) and a supportive dealer network, check out the FLHTCUTG.


As Harley-Davidson gears up to tease the 2024 new models sometime in the first quarter of 2024.   Anticipation is high for what the future holds. Whether you're drawn to the raw power of the Breakout 117, the performance cruiser appeal of the Low Rider S, or the stability and comfort of the Tri-Glide Ultra, these carryover models promise an unforgettable ride in the coming year. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embark on a new chapter of Harley-Davidson adventures in 2024!

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