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How do I put my Harley-Davidson® Into Transport Mode?

Picture this scenario:

You load your New Harley-Davidson® into the trailer to head to Sturgis.

You load it up.  You get to your destination.  You unload the bike.  You put your gear on.  You sit on the bike, with a big smile, and you’re ready to ride! 

You press the start button and “click click click.”  You yell out “Those damn people at the dealership!  I told them to check the battery and put one in if it needed it!  They suck!!” 

Maybe, you forgot to put it into transport mode.  Your battery is dead.  Believe it or not, it happens more often than you'd think- and here's why:

If you've got a Harley-Davidson with a security system, your motorcycle's motion sensors are going to trigger the alarm when it senses that it's being moved. After a few hours of hitting bumpy roads, in the back of that trailer, all those blinking lights will have run your battery dry.  Yes, we know you left the key fob near the bike to avoid this issue.  But what occurs is that the bike sends a signal to the key fob and the key fob returns the signal every single bump.  Batteries can only take so much.

So you will need to jump the battery to get it running again. 

How to avoid this in the future?  How do you put your Harley in transport mode?

Your Harley has a feature called Transport Mode.  All this does is disable the motion detection sensors in your Harley-Davidson. Your security system remains active in your Harley. If someone tries to start your bike without the key fob, the alarm will go off and the bike will not start. 

So.  Back to the question.  How do I put my Harley-Davidson in transport mode so your bike will be ready to ride when you are?

Touring Models (2019-2023)

Enter Transport Mode:

  1. With an assigned fob within range, turn the ignition switch to IGNITION so everything is powered up.
  2. Turn your ignition OFF.
  3. Immediately, within two seconds, simultaneously press BOTH the left and the right turn signal switches.
  4. After the turn signals flash once, the system enters the transport mode. With the fob removed, the motorcycle can be moved without setting off the alarm.
  5. You will see on the Odometer TSportMode

Exit Transport Mode:

With the fob present, turn the ignition switch to IGNITION to disarm the system, start the bike, and ride.

Standard Harley Touring Models (2014-2018)

Enter Transport Mode:

  1. With an assigned fob within range, turn the ignition switch to IGNITION.
  2. Before the security system lamp goes out, turn the ignition switch to OFF.
  3. Within three seconds, simultaneously press both the left and the right turn signal switches.
  4. The turn signals will flash once, and the system enters transport mode.
  5. Remove the fob- your motorcycle can now be moved without triggering the alarm.

Exit Transport Mode:

Make sure your assigned fob is within range, and turn your bike’s ignition switch back to IGNITION. Now you're ready to ride.

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