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Riding into the Future: What does the 2024 Street Glide and Road Glide offer?

As the winds of a new riding season approach, so does the excitement surrounding Harley-Davidson's redesigned touring lineup for 2024. In this post, we'll delve into the groundbreaking changes that make this year a milestone for the iconic motor company.

Evolution from 2017-2023

In the years spanning from 2017 to 2023, Harley-Davidson has consistently elevated its touring bikes to meet the evolving needs of riders. Starting with the post-Rushmore touring bikes in 2014 (2015 for the Road Glide), a series of upgrades have brought about rider-centric conveniences, from fairing vents to bigger V-Twins and one-touch saddlebags. The journey culminated in the introduction of the Milwaukee-8 engines, evolving from the M-8 107 in 2017 to the M-8 117 in 2022, resulting in a diverse lineup catering to various riding preferences.

2024 Touring Bikes

A Comprehensive Redesign

This year's Harley-Davidson Touring lineup represents a significant departure, with extensive changes across every component. The goal is to provide riders with a powerful and highly customizable platform while simplifying the process of finding the perfect bike.

Redesigned Fairings

Central to the new touring models are the redesigned fairings. Modified to optimize performance, reduce head buffeting, and enhance rider comfort, these fairings mark a significant step forward. The Street Glide Fairing boasts an Omega LED headlight, Eagle Wing running lights/turn signals integrated into the fairing, and a "floating" windshield. A fully operational Split Stream air vent ensures maximum comfort and airflow.

Cutting-Edge Infotainment System

The inner fairing of the Street Glide features the all-new 12.3” Skyline infotainment system, offering subscription-based navigation, radio, Bluetooth, Apple Carplay, and an integrated gauge cluster. The touchscreen system surpasses its predecessor, the 6.5” Boom! GTS infotainment system, in terms of features and functionality.

Road Glide's Unique Design

The Road Glide features a similar inner fairing setup but introduces a captivating new design for the outer fairing. The outer fairing showcases a "W" style LED headlight wrapping around the Sharknose, providing bright and evenly dispersed light. Integrated turn signals contribute to a smooth and aerodynamic look.

Refined Body Panels and Tank

Both models have undergone refinements, giving the body panels and tank a modern touch while maintaining the classic Harley silhouette. The tank's scalloped and elongated design enhances rider comfort and adds a contemporary feel.

Streamlined Bag Design

The new bag design incorporates various cues for a flowing feel, increased space, and a tapered look. Deeper lids accommodate speakers and disperse cleaner sound, while clipped rear corners offer a performance bagger style without appearing bulky.

Enhanced Milwaukee-8 Engine

All 2024 models will feature a Milwaukee-8, 117 ci engine with improvements over the previous M-8 117. Redesigned heads, a low-profile airbox with a new intake, and an upgraded cooling system emphasize power, performance, and comfort. Blacked-out and chrome trim options remain available for those seeking a personalized touch.


As we embrace the 2024 Harley-Davidson Touring lineup, riders can look forward to a new era of touring with cutting-edge features, sleek designs, and enhanced performance. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer, the 2024 models cater to diverse preferences, offering a thrilling and comfortable riding experience. Get ready to hit the open road with Harley-Davidson's latest innovations!

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