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11 details you might have missed during the 2024 HD Road Glide and Street Glide launch!

11 details you might have missed during the 2024 HD Road Glide and Street Glide release!

While the release videos were fantastic and inspiration, you may have missed some of the exciting changes when tuning in.   What are some big changes that you may not realize?

6 Models down to 2 Models 

Historically speaking, we have had three trim levels for the Street Glide and Road Glide--The Standard, the Special and the ST model.  Moving forward, Harley-Davidson has chosen to simplify that.  HD went from Six models down to Two Models.  Before you get all upset (and you join the Dyna Bros yelling and screaming "bring back the 3 trim levels"), there is a substantial benefit to you as the customer.  What?  

Benefit to me?  No!  There is no way.  HD only takes away from me.  Read on versus reading just the headline (Biker Guru).

Best of the Best

Those 3 models are all replaced with one Road Glide FLTRX and one Street Glide FLHX.  Essentially, it is as if Harley-Davidson took the most sought-after features of the Special, Standard, and ST models and combined them into one bike.  The best of the best of the best. 

We think it was a brilliant move.  Moreover, it reduced the complexity of customers coming into dealerships and pondering which model.  There will be no more “I know I want a Street Glide, I just don’t know which one!  My buddy Ted has a Special, but my Buddy Sam says the ST is better, but my wife wants me to get the Standard."

Not satisfied yet?  Okay.  Keep reading.  We will get to your favorite part, we promise.   

New Body Style, Fairing, Saddlebags, Tank, Lighting

With that said, there have been a ton of new changes on the 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide.  

Right away, you can see the new body style.  Everything with the new fairing, the new saddlebags, the new tank (6 gallons still), the new LED lighting, are almost identical to the 2023 CVO Model, but to still separate it from the CVO to keep those customers happy.  

Still not happy with all the changes?  Keep reading.  

What really sets the 2024's apart from 2023 models?

 117 Cubic Milwaukee Eight Engine, 3% more horsepower and 4% more torque. Now 105 Horsepower and 130 foot pounds of torque. 

Liquid-cooled design (instead of piping oil through the heads, you have coolant that is piped into the rear cylinder first).  A small radiator with coolant is tucked into the front of the bike.  Improved thermodynamics, less heat and yes, it's noticeably less.

New Intake ports. Re-tuned Airbox that is also lighter (producing more power) and slimmer. 

Still not happy?  What?  Come on.  Okay.  A few more paragraphs.  You will see.  

Weight Reduction.  Eat more ice cream.

Achieved using finite elemental analysis.  What does that mean?  It means they analyzed every component on these bikes. and reduced weight where they could using stronger material that is lighter.  For instance, the triple trees are now aluminum.  

To put it into perspective, HD reduced the following:

16 pounds reduction on Road Glide

18 pounds reduction on the Street Glide

While that may not seem like a lot.  For all you HOG Riders that go on ice cream rides to New Hampshire, that is 21 pints of your favorite ice cream that was removed from these motorcycles.  No need to go on a diet anymore. It is extremely noticeable when you pick it up off the kickstand.  To date, we have seen several people in the showroom almost tip them over coming off the jiffy stand because they feel so light.

No need to fill those Vermont Potholes!

The suspension was increased from 2 inches of travel to 3 inches of travel with some internal components added for comfort.  You will feel a better ride immediately.  The new 49mm Showa front fork (with Dual Bending Valve internals) gives 4.6 inches of travel and the rear Showa shock offering 3 inches of travel as stated previously. 

That rear shocks are also adjustable for preload.

Note:  The front forks not inverted like you see on the CVO models.  

Brakes.  We don’t talk about them until they don’t work.

Both machines received upgraded Brembo brakes with larger 320mm discs paired to radial-mount calipers up front and a 300mm disc in the rear.  Couple this with the weight reduction, we have more stopping power.  Hold on jesus take the handlebars.  

Price Reduction--"It can't be"

There has been a price reduction on the Road Glides and Street Glides.  We know, you don’t believe it!  "It can't be."

Based on the misinformation we have seen on HD Forums and other sites, we are setting the record straight.  Paul from Topeka, there is no catch this time.  

If you want the least expensive Street Glide or Road Glide (Chrome Trim and Billiard Gray), you are starting in the $25,000 range.  Vivid Black is no longer the base color and does come with an upcharge.  If you like blacked out versions of your motorcycle, there is an upcharge to that of about $1350.00.  

If you compare the 2024 version to the 2023 version, you will save yourself several thousand dollars (no longer a surcharge or RDRS charge).  

We would suggest that this reduction in price has clearly not hit the customer base yet, but when it does, we see a bump in sales.  

Big Screen

The massive 12.3 inch Skyline Infotainment System is now standard.  It is a complete consolidation of all the gauges.  For 2023, we used to have a 4.3 screen for the base model, a 6.5 screen for the specials and ST models.  Now, every customer has the top-of-the-line Skyline Infotainment system and it is spectacular. 

With that said, if you want navigation, there is a subscription charge of $349.95 for 3 years.  

Or, if you want, just use car play on your cell phone.  Navigation is standard on the CVO models without the subscription charge.  


The great thing about the new Skyline system is the ability to configure different layouts.  

Want to configure your screen differently?  There is a sport configuration, road configuration and touring configuration.  

More Misinformation with HDForums

One big feature that no one seems to be talking about, or if they are on HDForums, many are mistaken is the ability to connect a headset without purchasing and installing the WHIM Wireless Add-on

In previous years, you had to purchase a wireless system and install it into the motorcycle.  It cost a couple hundred dollars.  Then you had to purchase a headset for your helmet.  Now, with the 2024s If you want to install a Cardo Packtalk Edge Headset, you are connecting it like you would your phone.  Want to talk to your buddy while you are on your bike?  You are all set.  No need to complain about HD getting rid of the old CB Systems (Breaker Breaker 19, am I coming through clear Bo?). Spend the $389.00 and you are golden again.  


Your a** will thank you.  

A new seat has been added.  The styling, padding, and stitching have all been upgraded.  

While we haven’t had a lot of seat time on these, they feel more plush. Plusher? More plush.   Microsoft Word doesn’t believe "more plush" is correct.  

You get the point.  

No Name Cast Aluminum Wheels

The new cast aluminum wheels have been changed.  

While we haven’t heard an official name for the wheels, they are beautiful in styling.  An 18 inch wheel in the front and a 19 inch wheel in the rear.  

2024 Harley-Davidson Street Glide / 2024 Road Glide Specs

Engine:Liquid-cooled, 45-degree V-twin; 4 valves/cyl.
Bore x Stroke:103.5 x 114.3mm
Compression Ratio:10.3:1
Transmission/Final Drive:6-speed/belt
Claimed Horsepower:105 hp @ 4,600 rpm
Claimed Torque:130 lb.-ft. @ 3,250 rpm
Fuel System:Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Clutch:Wet, multiplate slipper/assist
Frame:Steel tube w/ two-piece backbone and bolt-on rear subframe
Front Suspension:49mm Showa fork; 4.6 in. travel
Rear Suspension:Dual emulsion shocks, spring preload adjustable, 3.0 in. travel
Front Brake:4-piston radial-mount calipers, dual floating 320mm discs w/ ABS
Rear Brake:2-piston caliper, 300mm disc w/ ABS
Wheels, Front/Rear:Cast aluminum; 19 x 3.5 in. / 18 x 5 in.
Tires, Front/Rear:Dunlop H-D Series bias blackwall; 130/60B-19 / 180/55B-18
Rake/Trail:26.0°/6.7 in. ; 26.0°/6.8 in
Wheelbase:64.0 in.
Ground Clearance:5.5 in. / 5.7 in.
Seat Height:28.1 in. / 28.3 in.
Fuel Capacity:6.0 gal.
Claimed Wet Weight:811 lb. / 838 lb

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