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Harley-Davidson Service and Maintenance Offered at Wilkins 

We honor all Harley-Davidson® warranty work and recalls. If you need an Extended Service Plan information call (802) 476-6104 and ask for Service.  

Our services include:

  • 1K - 40K maintenance.
  • Dyno® tuning in an Enclosed Room.
  • Wash and detail.
  • Vermont Motorcycle state inspections.
  • Pick up and delivery.
  • Tire/wheel changes (nitrogen available).
  • Performance Engine builds.
  • Accessory installations.

Express Lane Service (What Is Express Lane? It's Designed to Take Care of Riders for Just a Tire or Just an Oil Change, Not Services).

Either an oil change or a front or rear tire change.  Unfortunately, we cannot complete a full service in under an hour.  We aren't that good.  

Dyno® Tuning in an Enclosed Room

  • TTS mastertune tuner (Trained by Docs in Florida))
  • Power commander dealer and installer (Trained by Dynojet)
  • Harley-Davidson® Screamin' Eagle super tuner retailer and installer (Trained by Harley-Davidson)

Our inertia dynamometer measures performance while your motorcycle is accelerating a heavy rotating mass and displays complete HP, Torque, and Air Fuel Ratio curves from a single run. This simulation of real riding conditions permits actual dynamic fuel-flow testing, which enables you to study the engine's ability to accelerate the bike's load across the engine powerband. This analysis leads to changes that make more power and allow better gas mileage. We also have a specially designed room to control the sampling of air-fuel mixtures.

For questions or appointments call (802) 476-6104.

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