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INTRODUCING! The all-new 2024 Harley-Davidson Street Glide

The Street Glide Remains as the number one, best selling Harley-Davidson model, and defines the Harley brand with its timeless styling, and industry leading performance!

Top of the Line Performance: The Milwaukee-Eight 117 cubic inch motor 

The 2024 Street Glide is equipped with the ultra powerful Milwaukee-Eight 117 cubic inch motor, and performance built six speed transmission. The Milwaukee-Eight motor was designed with optimal performance and efficiency in mind, making for an incredibly reliable and versatile platform. With 105 Horsepower, and 130 Foot- Pounds of torque, the Milwaukee-Eight 117 delivers nearly instant power in any gear, whether your cruising stop light to stop light in city streets, or roaring down the highway. The 2024 Street Glide motor was redesigned with a balance of power, and comfort in mind, and results in a truly incredible machine.

Premium Lighting:  Newly Designed Led Lights Throughout 

The 2024 Harley-Davidson Street Glide is equipped with fully redesigned LED lighting, for a clearer, brighter, and safer ride. Whether you want to see, or be seen, the center piece of the aforementioned lighting is the all new Omega headlight, which creates an eye catching silhouette, and a massive amount of light.  New to the 2024 Street Glide is the integrated Church Window Tail Lights, which add a unique, modern design, which results in a safer, ride, that will turn heads wherever you go. The integrated turn signals in the fairing, and tail lights make for a seamless design, and make for clear intentions on the road. 

Luxurious, Industry Leading Color Design: 2024 Colors, and Trim Options 

Colors for 2024, just like years past, have been meticulously, and painstakingly designed, to make for a timeless, and eye catching Street Glide. Harley-Davidson is known in the industry for their beautiful colors, and exclusive trim options, and 2024 is certainly no different. Just like previous generations, the Street Glide is available in both Chrome, and Black trim options, with a plethora of colors to compliment. Some memorable standouts this year is are the White Onyx Pearl, with Black Trim, and the Alpine Green on Chrome, the former creating an incredible,  modern contrast, not unlike a tuxedo, and the ladder resulting in a timeless design, that reminds us why we love the Harley- Davidson Brand. New colors to 2024, include the aforementioned Alpine Green, and White Onyx Pearl, as well as Blue Burst, and Whiskey Fire. Some familiar options can still be found for 2024, including Atlas Silver Metallic, the Classic Vivid Black, and Billiard Grey, now as a standalone color. 

Modern Engineering, and Classic Comfort: Updated Suspension, and Ride-Ability

Harley has updated the Street Glide Suspension for 2024, resulting in an even more comfortable and, performance driven ride.  With a weight reduction of about 18 pounds versus previous generations, the 2024 Street Glide handles even better, and allows for an more comfortable ride, and improved acceleration. The hand adjustable Showa rear suspension allows for a full three inches of travel, and an increase of about 50% over the previous year. Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring bikes, are the gold standard for performance baggers, and long road haulers , and the Street Glide does not disappoint with a versatile suspension, great for any ride.

New and Improved Silhouette: The all-new Street Glide Batwing fairing, improved Saddle Bags, and Sleek Tank Design

New for the 2024 Street Glide are the redesigned Batwing Fairing, Saddlebags, and Tank design. All of these elements result in a brand new Silhouette the creates a seamless, aerodynamic design from front to back. The Newly designed Saddlebags, make for a performance bagger look, and have even more space than previous generations, without taking away from the sleek Harley style. Improved aerodynamics in the Batwing fairing result in incredible performance and comfort, as well as Modern, eye catching curves. The newly designed tank is a lower profile, while maintaining the six gallon capacity, so that it can create seamless lines throughout the bike.

Industry Leading Infotainment, and Sound: The all-new Skyline OS system

The all new Skyline OS 12.3 touch screen display is fast and efficient, and allows for seamless transition from home to road. Equipped with Apple Car Play , you can now plug your phone directly into the all new fairing storage tray, and display options straight from your own device. Customizable themes and display options make for a tailored system , no matter what kind of riding you’ll be doing. Whether you’re going for cross country journeys, or maximizing performance, you’ll have an easy minimalistic display to suite your needs.  Customizable ride modes as well as rider enhancements and Wi-Fi connectivity, can be accessedstraight from the Skyline OS System.

Tailored Accessories For Every Street Glide: 2024 Parts and Accessories Packages

New to 2024 are Parts and Accessories Packages to make every Street Glide unique, and build them to every riding style.  The day Tripper package adds efficient comfort to your ride with parts like cocking hardware for quick –detach accessories, a sissy bar, and compact cushion, as well as a heel shifter. The Long Haul Packages creates the perfect set up for cross country adventures with Tour Pak Mounting hardware and rack, a Sundowner seat, Passenger floorboard mounting kit, and the incredible Hill Hold Upgrade Kit.  For Riders who crave speed, and performance, the ST Custom Package, comes with the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner, Heavy Breather Air intake, Switchback Seat, and Matching Switchback accessories collection. For those who seek more exclusivity, the Special Custom Upgrade Packages will give riders, a more custom built feel, with the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner, Heavy Breather Wedge Air intake, Low Profile Solo Touring seat with matching pillion, and the Exclusive Adversary accessory collection. The Special Package is available in both Black and Orange, and Black and Machined, respectively. 

Conclusion, Modern Ingenuity with a Hometown Feel: Staying true to Street Glide Roots

With all of the changes made to the 2024 Street Glide, Harley-Davidson has managed to stay true to their history, and pay homage to previous generations at every turn. Available color and trim options as well as accessories Packages go to show that the Street Glide is still the bike for every rider, and a familiar staple on the road.  Year after year however, as sure as we’ll see leafs budding on trees, we are sure to Street Glides, new and old, rounding the corner, eager to set off our season.

Check out the new 2024 Harley-Davidson Street Glide and Road Glide side-by-side.

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